Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Things are blooming and growing!!

We have planted a garden and are about to harvest our first swiss chard. I've been picking a few strawberries as well(they are my favorite). Looking forward to some nice veges and fruits this year. Gary has a compost bin and is about to built an additional one. There are blossoms on some of the fruit trees, grapevines, rasberry and the fig tree. There are several rose bushes giving us beautiful flowers. There are California poppies popping up in the front yard along with a couple beautiful Japanese maples, Spanish lavender and ferns.
I love spring, I can't wait for hay fever season to be over then I can be outside to enjoy this more.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

March Utah pictures

Audrey was being quite lovable!

Cooper stole my heart!!!

Cousins Marianne & Audrey

Cooper, Brian and me.

Audrey's 3rd birthday- It was difficult to get her

to smile and look and the camera as well.

Cooper is all smiles!!!

Not sure why but it only took me a month to post these!!